Feb. 21, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. Lori Mizgorski (R-Allegheny) announced today that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 318, legislation to improve and strengthen Pennsylvania’s “Do Not Call” list.

“I am excited to share that the House has unanimously passed my legislation to strengthen Pennsylvania’s “Do Not Call” list,” said Mizgorski. “This is a necessary and commonsense bill to help reduce the number of spam and telemarketing calls received by Pennsylvania residents.”

House Bill 318 amends the 1996 Telemarketer Registration Act by removing the renewal requirement and providing residents with the ability to register their phone numbers on the Pennsylvania “Do Not Call” list permanently. Currently, phone numbers must be re-registered every five years.

The bill also aims to reduce the annoyance of telemarketing calls by banning the calls on legal holidays. Computerized auto-dialers (robocalls) would be required to give residents an “opt-out” option at the beginning of the call.

“My bill also allows businesses to register on the Pennsylvania “Do Not Call” list,” added Mizgorski. “This gives them the same protections from nuisance telemarketing and robocalls as residents.”

The bill now moves to the state Senate for consideration.

Representative Lori Mizgorski
30th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Brooke Haskell
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