Feb. 08, 2022

HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his final budget address on Tuesday in front of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Like years prior Wolf has proposed a budget that spends excessive amounts of money that are simply not realistic for the Commonwealth, Rep. Lori Mizgorski (R-Allegheny) said.

“While I appreciate that the governor has decided not to propose raising taxes, we must recognize that he is simply spending money we don’t have,” said Mizgorski. “We need a budget that promotes economic recovery from the financial ruin the pandemic caused, and one that sets us up for success long after Wolf is out of office.”

A $43.7 billion budget for 2022-23 was proposed by Wolf. That is an increase of $6.2 billion, or 16.6%, over the current year. 

The House Appropriations Committee will hold a series of budget hearings beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15, where they will hear testimony from each state department to understand what is truly needed. A proposal will then be created and presented to the full House for consideration. 

“I am confident that we will create and pass a budget that is fiscally responsible and is good for all Pennsylvanians,” Mizgorski concluded.

The budget is expected to be passed no later than June 30. 

Representative Lori Mizgorski
30th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Michelle Swab
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