Nov. 25, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Lori Mizgorski’s (R-Allegheny) comprehensive transportation bill has been signed into law.

To improve safety on the state’s highways, Act 131 of 2020 places more stringent incident reporting requirements on holders of commercial driver licenses (CDL). The law also expands driving opportunities for people with disabilities and assists homeless citizens by offering free state IDs.

“I was compelled to write this bill after learning about a tractor trailer driver who caused two fatal accidents within six months. By the time the driver was convicted in the first case here in Pennsylvania, he had already caused a second fatal accident in Ohio,” Mizgorski said. “We need to make sure the employers of CDL holders are promptly informed when one of their drivers is cited for breaking the law.”

Act 131 requires a driver of a commercial motor vehicle who is cited, arrested or charged with violating a federal or state law or local ordinance relating to motor vehicle traffic control, other than a parking violation, to notify his or her employer in writing within 30 days of the date of receiving the citation or being arrested or officially charged.

Mizgorski’s bill was also amended to address other issues, including creating a learner’s permit and driver’s license for people with certain vision challenges, and providing free state ID cards to homeless citizens.

Specifically, the measure establishes a procedure for PennDOT to issue a bioptic telescope learner’s permit or driver’s license to people who meet specific visual acuity requirements and instruction in using a bioptic telescope. Bioptic driving is a method of driving that uses both the patient’s general vision in combination with intermittent spotting through a small telescopic system that improves the sharpness of the patient’s far vision. Pennsylvania would join 28 other states in offering a bioptic telescope license.

Additionally, the bill would codify mandatory CDL training requirements to comply with federal regulations, disqualify a CDL holder convicted of human trafficking and allow PennDOT to provide free state-issued ID cards to homeless citizens. Those applying for the free ID would still have to meet all proof of identification requirements.

Representative Lori Mizgorski
30th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Patricia Hippler