Transportation Task Force Press Conference

Nov. 20, 2019 / Embed

During a November 20, 2019 press conference, House members comment on a report issued by a House task force that investigated how to better fund transportation infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Mizgorski Transportation Committee Remarks

Nov. 19, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Lori Mizgorski comments toward favoring the use of radar by local police forces.

Rep Mizgorski PA Local Solar Program Remarks

Oct. 22, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Lori Mizgorski details a plan to help Pennsylvania transition toward solar energy.

PA Local Solar Program Press Conference

Oct. 22, 2019 / Embed

A Solar Program conference is held in the Capitol Building.

Rep. Lori Mizgorski - Community Solar Energy Press Conference

Oct. 22, 2019 / Embed

State Rep Lori Mizgorski details parts of a program being unveiled in Pennsylvania to help boost the solar energy industry.

Speaker Recognizes Athletic Achievements

Oct. 21, 2019 / Embed

Rep. Misgorski son mentioned as football QB on House Floor by Turzai

State Budget Plan Moving Ahead

Jun. 25, 2019 / Embed

Rep. Lori Mizgorski comments on the 2019-20 Pennsylvania state budget proposal. The budget plan includes no new taxes, historic levels of funding for education, and saves for the future.

Reaction to Governor’s Budget Address

Feb. 05, 2019 / Embed

PA State Rep. Lori Mizgorski comments after Gov. Wolf’s budget address to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. The budget address is the first step in the process to formulate Pennsylvania’s state budget.

Ready to Get to Work

Jan. 01, 2019 / Embed

PA State Rep. Lori Mizgorski describes her legislative priorities on the day she is sworn in to office as state representative for the 30th District in the PA House of Representatives.